Fantasy Feud Review

Fantasy Feud Review

Pepole PDFS Month December 15, 2015

*NOTE – Fantasy Feud is no longer an active site as they sold to another company. Please visit our top 2 partner sites and

Fantasy Feud continues to stand the test of time and while many DFS sites have launched and failed, Feud continues to hold their own since 2012 in the crowded daily fantasy sports space.  They are a consistent site that offers great options for not only different sports but also contest formats.  We hope to see them continue to offer bigger prize pools and innovating game formats which will help them compete for the #3 spot in a very competitive industry.

Quick Review Points

What’s Great about Fantasy Feud

  • Excellent Sports Variety
  • Pick’em Games
  • Resource Tools

Fantasy Feud Could Improve

  • Draft Screen
  • Update Lobby Design

Fantasy Feud Promo Code and Bonus

Fantasy Feud has a great deposit bonus for new users by using our promo code – PLAYDAILY – this will give you a 100% bonus up to $500.  When you click on any of our Fantasy Feud Links the code will automatically be applied so you will be all good to go to receive your bonus money.  They way bonus money works at Feud is it will be released and converted into real cash as you play contests at a rate of 5%.  Once it’s released in your real money account you can play with it or withdraw it as you desire.

Fantasy Feud Promo Code

Fantasy Feud Sports Contests

Fantasy Feud has an excellent lineup of sports contests available for their players.  From the obvious like NFL and NBA to the really niche sport like Lacrosse, Feud does a good job at given their players options.  Here is the full list of available sports you can play at Fantasy Feud:

  • Nascar, PGA, CFB, CBB
  • NLL (Lacrosse)

Fantasy Feud Contests

They pretty much have it all, the only two missing would be Fantasy MMA and Fantasy Soccer but overall a really solid lineup of sports contests.  Where Feud really stands out against much of the competition is the type of contest formats you can play in.  Feud of course has the standard salary cap format but also adds Snake Drafts and Pick’em games into the mix which is great a option to have when you want to change things up from a salary cap format.  Here are all the contest formats and prize types offered at Fantasy Feud:

  • Salary Cap
  • Pro Pick’em (Office Pools)
  • Snake Drafts
  • Survivor Games
  • GPP
  • 50/50 Games
  • Multi Day Contests
  • Seasonal Contests

Fantasy Feud Contest Rules

Feud has 4 main types of drafts to play each with their own sets of contest rules.  Here’s a breakdown of each one:

Salary Cap Rules

You are given a total budget amount in which you can use to draft your lineup of players.  You must stay under the total amount in order to be eligible for the contest.  Players salaries are adjusted from day to day by fantasy feud based on match-up history, recent performance, and projected game stats.  You are allowed to make changes and any roster moves necessary until the start of the first game of that contest.


  • Positions to Draft – 11 (QB, QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, TE, DEF, UTIL, UTIL)


  • Positions to Draft – 13 (SP, SP, SP, C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, OF, OF, OF, UTIL, UTIL)


  • Positions to Draft – 10 (G, G, G, F, F, F, C, C, UTIL, UTIL)


  • Positions to Draft – 10 (W, W, W, W, C, C, D, D, G, UTIL)


  • Drivers to Draft – 6 (all drivers in the field available)

Pro Pick’Em Rules

While Pro Pick’Em games might be new to Daily Fantasy if you have been playing fantasy sports with friends or office mates then I’m sure you have come across this format before.  We better know them as Office Pools.  With these contests, there is no salary cap or specific roster positions you must draft.  Players are grouped together in predetermined boxes and you must choose one player from each group for your team.  At Fantasy Feud, there are 10 boxes of player groups and each group contains 8 players to choose from.  The strategy is pretty simple – try and select the player who will score the most points out of all the players in each of the grouped boxes.

Snake Draft Rules

Snake drafts get their name from the way the draft selection process progressives.  For example, if you have 5 teams involved  then pick 1 goes to whoever has the #1 pick assigned to them and then works it’s way down till team 5 picks.  Once the final team has selected the draft then works it’s way back up starting from the bottom this time.  So in this example team number 5 would draft first in the second round.  The selections keep reversing this way from top to bottom until all the roster positions are filled.  At Feud, the contest must fill up before the draft will begin.  Once the contests are filled the draft begins and you will be randomly assigned your draft position.  You are usually given at least 1 to 3 minutes to make your selection.

Survivor Contests

Fantasy Feud introduced an old favorite fantasy sports contest but gave it a daily twist for the NFL season with their Survivor Contests.  Instead of picking teams to win each week like in the traditional format at Fantasy Feud you must pick 3 players – a Quarterback, Running Back and Wide Receiver.  The rules are simple you can’t pick a player more than once and you can’t stack all 3 players from the same team.  Your team racks up points the same way as in any other contest and the goal is to be at the top of standings each week.  Every week 1/16th of the field gets eliminated and the remaining teams play on week after week till week 16 of the season for the grand finale.

Play Fantasy Feud Survivor NFL

Fantasy Feud Lobby Design

Feud’s main lobby might appear to be a bit complicated at first glance, but overall it’s easy to use and well laid out.  It’s a bit top heavy with promotions and big buttons but once you scroll down to the contests selection screen it’s very well designed.  All the sports icons are clickable at the top so you can filter out the contests by sport or use the advanced filters which are located right below.  Just click on any contest type, prize structure or contest duration to get a display of your preferred contests.  Without any filters the featured contests are highlighted in yellow and displayed at the top of the selection screen, these usually include guaranteed prize pools or qualifiers to major championship tournaments.  One thing we really like is the Resources Menu located in the top menu bar which gives you some valuable information like links to DFS research, current salary lists, and current injuries.

Fantasy Feud Lobby

Drafting Screen

Fantasy Feud’s draft screen is pretty straight forward and simple to use.  We’d like to see them take advantage of the top half a little bit better and eliminate the promotion box so they have more space available.  You can not see the match-ups unless you click on the contest details link which is a little disappointing.  They should find a way to get the game match-ups on the actual draft screen and give the user the ability to filter out certain match-ups.  Also, it would be nice to have the player positions in a tabbed format instead of always having to use the drop-down menu to select the next position.  The player card screen gives you some useful split stats like home and away and last 5 or 10 games. They also provide a season-long game log and career stats.  While the game log is very useful I’m not sure career stats are widely used by players when drafting for daily contests.

Deposits and Withdrawals at Fantasy Feud

At Fantasy Feud you can deposit cash using the following methods:

  • Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discovery
  • Paypal

The minimum deposit amount is $10 and the maximum is $5000 at any one time. To withdraw money at Feud you can use the following options:

  • Check, Paypal

Once again the minimum you can withdraw is $10.  Paypal and check processing are done within 72 hours of the initial request.  It’s important to note that all Paypal processing fees will be paid by you the user and not Fantasy Feud. Their cashier program is really easy to use and everything is clearly displayed.  You can also view all transactions you have completed by year or month and download them as a CSV file.

Who Can’t Play at Fantasy Feud

Unfortunately, State and Province regulations still restrict some residents from playing daily fantasy sports at Fantasy Feud.  Residents from the following places can not compete at Feud:

  • Arizona, Iowa, Louisiana, Montana, Nevada, Vermont
  • Quebec
  • PEI (can only play for free and not win real money)

Fantasy Feud Promotions

In 2015, Gaming Nation acquired Fantasy Feud which was promising news for the company.  The acquisition added an influx of money into the company and thus led to bigger and better promotions and prize pools for their users.  Here are the current best promos that have run to date at Fantasy Feud:

Feud of Champions ContestNFL Feud of Champions

Fantasy Feud’s most popular contest has to be the annual Feud of Champions for NFL.  In 2015, they rolled out the biggest one yet with a total of $1 Million in total prizes.  First place gets $250,000,  an amount putting Feud near the top of the heap for grand prizes in DFS.  You can qualify for this contest from week 1 to week 15 with the grand finale taken place in week 16 of the NFL season. Check out Feud of Champions contest.

Baseball Championship

The biggest contest to date at Feud is their MLB Championship Contest for a total of $500,000 in prizes.  The grand final takes place in September and 40 players qualify for the finale.  All 40 places get paid with the top prize being $150,000, the last spot still takes home $2000 in cash.

Fantasy Nascar

In 2015, Fantasy Nascar arrived at Fantasy Feud.  This is a big deal for a site looking to compete for the #3 spot and by offering fantasy racing they gained a step up on the competition.  Feud offers various prize pools for every week of racing and you can play in both salary cap format or pick’em format.

Fantasy Ranking

We are not sure Fantasy Feud will ever be able to compete for the #1 spot in DFS, but that doesn’t mean they are not a worthy site to join.  They have become one of the veteran sites in the industry and the fact that they have been able to survive since the early days of daily fantasy sports says a lot about their management team and player base.  The have a robust lineup of sports and are one of the very few sites to offer Pick’em contests, which is a longtime favorite format of casual fantasy sports players.  We hope the takeover by Gaming Nation in 2015 allows them to continually increase their prize pools and offer bigger promotions for their players.  If this trend continues to happen they can very well be considered in the #3 spot in the industry which would be a big score for the consistent company. We rank Fantasy Feud 3 out of 5 stars for now.

Fantasy Feud is a Toronto based DFS site


Written by: PDFS


Date published: 08/15/2015


3 / 5 stars

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