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What Is The Best Fantasy Football Site?

Pepole PDFS Month September 4, 2017

Every year come September hordes of Fantasy Football players emerge from the doldrums and frantically begin signing up to the Best Fantasy Football sites online. This year is no different but the amount of fantasy sports sites to choose from has become over whelming for some. The prizes have become massive and the competition fierce, so wait no longer here are the best fantasy football sites for 2017.

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Why Daily Fantasy Football Sites?

DFS exploded on the scene around 2 years ago with a massive advertising campaign during the NFL season. Our top two sites Draftkings and Fanduel were responsible for the rise of DFS and why so many millions of players are currently playing this year.  If you have no idea what Daily Fantasy Sports is, in a nutshell, it is Fantasy Football played in one day or one full slate of weekend games.  You draft a new team every week within salary cap rules and the winners get paid out immediately.

So why is our main focus strictly DFS? It really is the future of fantasy sports and full season long or keeper leagues are becoming a thing of the past.  Don't get me wrong thousands and thousands of players will still be playing the tradiontial way but I find it tends to be a competition among buddies or the good "ole" office pool that gets passed around year after year.  In today's world time is of the essence and I find it harder and harder to justify sitting around for 6 hours drafting a fantasy football team for what, a couple hundred dollars? Even a couple thousand in the bigger ones? With DFS you can walk away with $1 Million in one weekend, hell this year at Draftkings you can win $1 Billion in their Perfect Lineup Contest.

Let's take a closer look at our Best Fantasy Football Sites in 2017

DraftKings Fantasy Football

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DraftKings tops our list as the Best Fantasy NFL site this year. They have added a lot of new features to their already solid platform including pick's contests, NFL giveaway days, full season leagues and of course the Billion Dollar Lineup.

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  • Biggest Prize Pools in Fantasy Sports
  • Pick'Em Pools and Salary Cap Formats
  • NFL $1M King of the Beach Tournament
  • Easy Withdrawals and Deposits
  • Full Season Mode Needs Improvements
  • High Level Competition In Some Contests
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Best DraftKings 2017 Football Contests:

DraftKings New User Offer

So if you are looking to join DraftKings for the 1st time, now is the perfect chance to take advantage of this exclusive new player bonus. If you create an account today and make at least the minimum deposit of $5 you get a free $3 ticket into a contest of your choice.

This is how you would gain access to the contest we mentioned above for free, the NFL $2M Play-Action contest. First place wins $200,000 so I would personal take my shot using my fee ticket in this contest as opposed to other ones down the line for lesser prize pools.

FanDuel Fantasy Football

fanduel logo 2017

FanDuel is the original kings of daily fantasy football and are right there with DraftKings as a must join site. They are the place to play this year if you are looking for both Daily and Full Season leagues. We love their new Championship Mode for the full season platform which keeps track of standings and awards end of the year prizes.

  • Insanely Huge Prize Pools
  • Golden 5 Weekly Contest with running jackpot
  • New User Promo (see below)
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Must Draft a Kicker (if you are not into kickers)
  • High Level Competition In Some Contests

Best FanDuel Fantasy Football Contests for 2017:

FanDuel New User Offer

Just sign-up to FanDuel today and you will get a free contest to play after your 1st deposit.

How? Just use our Fanduel Promo Link and once you are finished creating your account and making a 1st deposit of a minimum of $5 the ticket will be credited to you. You can use this ticket for any Sunday slate during the 2017 NFL season.

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