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NBA Fantasy Contests For Real Money

Pepole PDFS Month November 16, 2016

Below is our list of the best NBA Fantasy Leagues and contests to play for real money. These are some of the top fantasy sites in the world and you won't find prize pools any bigger than at these sites.  For each site we highlight the key fantasy basketball rules and draft positions as well as special features that might intrigue you to join one site over the other.  Full disclosure we are partners with all the sites listed below however we remain unbiased on where you should be playing Fantasy Basketball. These are simply the best NBA DFS sites today and you will be hard pressed to find any other recommendations outside the top 3 below.


Draftkings is our top site for Daily Fantasy NBA contests. They have the biggest daily prize pools and tons of fantasy basketball action every night. There's always a contest to play in for every skill level of player. They have also added Leagues which allows you and a group of players/friends to run a season long type contest on the site. 

Fantasy Type - Daily and Leagues (Salary Cap Format)

Positions to Draft - PG, SG, SF, PF, C, G, F, UTIL

Contests - GPP's, 50/50, Head to Head, Mutipliers, Qualifiers

Favorite Contest - NBA $40K Sharpshooter

Competition Level - High

Why Play at DraftKings - the biggest prize pools in Fantasy Basketball including their massive World Basketball Championship Tournament.


If you have watched or been to any recent NBA basketball game then you have likely seen Fanduel Ad's painted across many home team floor's. They are the official partner of the NBA and have lead the way for the DFS industry since 2010. They hold an annual Fanduel Basketball Championhsip which you can qualify for by playing daily contests all season long. We find Fanduel a better option for beginner to intermediate players as their roster postions to draft is more straight forward and requires less maneuvering of players on your part.

Fantasy Type - Daily and Friends Mode (Salary Cap Format)

Positions to Draft - PG, PG, SG, SG, SF, SF, PF, PF, C

Contests - GPP's, 50/50, Head to Head, Mutipliers, Qualifiers

Favorite Contest - $350K NBA Shot

Competition Level - High

Why Play at FanDuel - Best basketball free contest prizes and promotions, Best Single Entry Contests

Fantasy Draft

Fantasy Draft is the place to play if you ever hoped of meeting some of the best NBA players of past and present. They have the best athlete partnerships in DFS and besides the chance at winning real money, some of their contests get winners a VIP meet and greet with the likes of Tony Parker, Kevin Love, Chris Bosh and many more. They are a great place to play for new fantasy basketball players as they offer beginner and intermediate games that only players of each skill level are allowed to play in.

Fantasy Type - Daily (Salary Cap Format)

Positions to Draft - 3 Guards (PG or SG), 3 Forwards (PF, SF or C), 2 Util

Contests - GPP's, 50/50, Head to Head, Mutipliers, Qualifiers, Beginner

Favorite Contest - $5K Pick and Roll Contest

Competition Level - Intermediate

Why Play at Fantasy Draft - Unique roster structure allows you more freedom then other sites, easier for beginners to stack stud players into one lineup.


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