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Pepole PDFS Month May 23, 2017

When the boys of summer are back it is time to start looking for the Best Fantasy Baseball leagues to join for real money. Online sites offering fantasy baseball range from huge companies like ESPN and Yahoo for season long to FanDuel and DraftKings for Daily Fantasy Sports action.  We list them all below and show you some lesser known sites that might become your new favourite places to play. All sites are partners of ours and links are sponsored.

Best Daily Fantasy Baseball Sites

1FanDuel5 star ratingVisit Button
2DraftKings4 and a half star rating
Visit Button
3FantasyDraft4 star ratingVisit Button

The DFS world is dominated by two heavyweights for Fantasy Baseball, FanDuel and DraftKings respectively. There is very little separating these two sites and we tend to play at both of them depending on what contests are running that night. The biggest difference between the two in their Fantasy Baseball contests is that at FanDuel you only have to draft 1 pitcher where at DraftKings you need to draft 2 pitchers. So if you are a player that can identify the best pitching match-ups on any given day you might have more of an edge at DraftKings vs the competition.

In third place, we have who have slowly become the best 2nd tier daily fantasy site. They can't quite compete with the top two for prize pools yet but they have a comparable fantasy baseball product and we love this site for new players to daily fantasy where the competition is not quite as fierce as the other two sites.

What is Daily Fantasy Baseball?

Daily Fantasy Baseball is fantasy baseball contests played over one day, with winners and losers declared when all the games are over. This is unlike traditional fantasy baseball that spans an entire season and points accumulate for your players till the end of the year.

Most DFS contests are based on a salary cap format where you are given a total amount of money to spend on drafting players which have been assigned dollar amounts for their game's that day. Each fantasy baseball contest has an entry fee and prize pool set before the game's start. You can also see the size of the player pool and how many fantasy players are already entered.

fantasy baseball contests for money

The key to Daily Fantasy Baseball is right in the name itself, it is Daily. You are playing for one day only so throw out injury worries and long-term statistics. Your goal is to identify and draft the best players on that one day slate. You need to exploit match-ups and pay attention to hot streaks. DFS is slowly overtaking season long fantasy sports due to the huge amount of money up for grabs and the quick paced nature of the contests. Imagine in one day you can walk away with prizes as large as $50,000 for simply drafting the right players on that day.  Fantasy Baseball sure has come a long way since when I use to grind out a whole season just to make a few measly hundred bucks. If you haven't already signed up to one of our top sites it is worth checking out, it is the future of fantasy baseball.

Our Top 3 Fantasy Baseball Sites for Real Money


Fantasy Baseball For Casual Players

The grind of a full season schedule or the intense research for a daily contest is not for everyone, that's why we are excited that are top two DFS sites have now introduced fantasy baseball contests for the casual fantasy MLB player.

DraftKings Arcade Mode

This new fast and easy to play MLB contest is now available at It's essentially a condensed version of their regular salary cap game with scoring on steroids, which is where the fun comes in. Here is how it works:

  • Pick 1 Pitcher and 5 Hitters
  • Hitters can be any position and you can only take 2 players from one team, which eliminates stacking strategies
  • Salary Cap format, players salaries are more evenly distributed so it's almost liking picking from tiered groups

Here are the Arcade MLB scoring rules:

draftkings mlb arcade

Try DraftKings Arcade Mode Today

FanDuel MixUp Contests

Much like DraftKings Arcade mode FanDuel has designed their Mixup contests to be fast, fun and more beginner player friendly. These contests are designed around a theme which changes weekly, for example, this week the contests may be National League Players Only or Road Teams Only. The basic idea is everyone has to draft players based around this theme so the player pools are decreased. How it Works:

  • 5 players drafted in total
  • 2 Pitchers, 3 Hitters
  • Hitters can be from any position
  • Scoring is unchanged from their regular games

Try FanDuel Mixup Contests Now

Best Fantasy Baseball Leagues

Despite the soaring popularity of DFS many of you still enjoy the grind of full season fantasy baseball. Much like daily fantasy the full season sites are dominated by two  main heavyweight companies, ESPN and Yahoo. Here are the best full season baseball leagues:

Yahoo Fantasy Baseball

Yahoo fantasy baseball allows you to either join an already existing league or create one for yourself and your buddies to manage. You can create cash leagues or play just for fun. Here are some of the highlights of playing at Yahoo:

  • 6 different types of league formats including 4 different Head to Head point systems
  • 4 draft options (Standard, Auction, Offline, Auto)
  • Yahoo will manage cash transactions and payouts for you
  • Assign a league comminsioner who oversees the league
  • Has Keeper or Dynasty League tools so you can run your own

ESPN Fantasy Baseball

If you don't use Yahoo for your full season fantasy baseball league then no doubt you will be heading right to ESPN's league manager. They are the 2 most popular and for you it might just come down to which setup you like better because they are pretty comparable. Here are the best highlights of ESPN fantasy baseball:

  • 4 different scoring options (H2H points, H2H Category, H2H Categories, Season Points)
  • Live Drafts, including the popular Snake Draft option
  • Can join an existing league if you are a solo player
  • Tons of fantasy baseball research and tools available
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