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List Of Daily Fantasy Sports Sites

Pepole PDFS Month February 29, 2016

It is getting hard to keep up with all the DFS sites and figuring out which are actively running and accepting new players. Just how many Daily Fantasy Sports Sites are there? By our count, there is at least 30 current active sites but that number is constantly growing. That’s why we have put together this ultimate list of current and past DFS sites for you to use as a source to find current sites and new ones you might not have discovered yet and to reminisce about past favourites. Please note some of these links to sites are sponsored and we receive compensation by the sites.

Active Daily Fantasy Sports Sites

Featured DFS Sites that are currently accepting players and operating daily.

DraftKings.comFanDuel.com Fantasy Draft
Launched: 2012Launched: 2010Launched: 2014
Fanpicks PlayDraft
Launched: 2015Launched: 2016

Other Currently Active DFS Sites

  • DraftDay.com
  • OwnThePlay.com
  • DraftHero.com
  • GoDraft.com

UK / European Daily Fantasy Sites

Featured DFS sites based outside of North America and currently operating daily.

Other Daily Fantasy Sites Outside of North America

  • Dream11.com – India
  • Zweeler.com – Malta
  • MoneyBall.com.au – Austrailia

Daily Fantasy Esports Sites

A new rising industry in DFS is Fantasy Esports. We expect the number of fantasy esports operators to double within the next few years. Here are the current sites offering Fantasy Esports contests.

DraftKings Esports
Launched: 2015

Other Daily Fantasy Sports Sites

Some sites don’t quite fit into the fantasy “sports” sector or offer unique games and contests. These are the DFS sites that offer something entirely different than traditional sports contests:

  • DerbyWars.com – a DFS site that offers daily fantasy horse racing. They follow the same format as traditional sites but instead of athletes you are picking horses from racetracks.

DFS Sites Currently In Limbo or Bankrupt

Many sites have launched in recent years to try and get in on this fast-growing industry, however due to the current legal landscape or funding issues they have been forced to cease operations. These are the current daily sites that we know of that have shut down. We do not recommend joining these sites or depositing money until they have updated their status.

  • FantasyAces.com – in February of 2017 Fantasy Aces officially declared bankruptcy. This was surprising news to most in DFS world as they were long-term operators and once considered the 3rd best site. FantasyDraft.com stepped up and took on all of Fantasy Aces player debt owed. Players could now create an account on FantasyDraft and have access to all their funds which were locked at Fantasy Aces, this was an amazing move by Fantasy Draft and a great show of support for the DFS community.

Daily Fantasy Sites That Were Acquired

So far to date, there has been significant acquisitions in the industry as many smaller DFS operators have been bought out by larger daily fantasy companies over the years. Usually, these sales occur due to smaller sites being unable to survive on their own and other companies looking to grow their user base at an accelerated rate.

  • DraftStreet.com – Perhaps the most famous takeover to date. In 2014, DraftKings made a shocking acquisition of what was widely considered the 3rd best DFS site in the industry, that being Draftstreet. Draftkings looked to quickly grow their player base and reach their goal of being neck and neck with Fanduel.com. This helped create the duopoly that is currently occurring in the DFS industry with Draftkings and Fanduel being far ahead of any competitors.
  • Victiv.com – Another huge acquisition in the DFS space occurred in the summer of 2015 when Amaya bought the rising new site Victiv.com. Amaya of course, is the parent company of PokerStars and immediately started to re-brand the site into what it is currently known as now, StarsDraft.com. It was rumored the deal cost Amaya north of $20M.
  • FantasyHub.com – FantasyHub wasn’t so much acquired as they were bailed out by DraftKings.com. In February of 2016, they were reported to be having money issues and players were having trouble withdrawing their money. They had to shut down their site until DraftKings came to their rescue and agreed to take over their player base. All players were then able to get their funds through DraftKings.
  • StarStreet.com – Shortly after the Draftstreet buyout, Draftkings continued it accelerated growth plan and acquired the popular daily site StarStreet.com. Once again all of StarStreet’s users were merged over into DraftKings. Starstreet was widely popular for creating the now famous Playboy Mansion Fantasy Championship contests that still live on today through Fanduel.
  • DraftTeam.com – In the summer of 2015, Fantasy Aces began negotiating a takeover of the lesser known DFS site DraftTeam. By the end of the summer, the deal was complete and DraftTeam was no longer. The move by Fantasy Aces was to help grow their site in hopes of securing the coveted #3 spot in the industry.
  • FanThrowdown / DraftDay – Parent company owners MGT decided to buy DraftDay.com in 2014. At first, the two sites were kept separate but after a few months, MGT merged FanThrowdown players with DraftDay and thus shut down FanThrowDown for good.
  • SportsTradex.com – DraftDay kept up their acquisition strategy in the fall of 2015 and added SportsTradex to their list of takeovers. Sports Tradex was launched in 2012 and had a nice run but ultimately could never gain substantial ground in the industry.  Their users were once again ported into the DraftDay system.
  • FantasyFeud.com – in the summer of 2016 Feud was acquired by Fantasy Aces.
  • FantasySportsLive.com – FSL was one of the original DFS sites that were around way back in the early days even before Fanduel.com. In the end, they were not able to survive and were eventually bought by MGT Capital Investments, the same company behind DraftDay.com. FSL now serves as a blog for Draft Day.

DFS Sites That Have Shut Down

Many have tried and many failed at becoming a successful daily fantasy sports operator. While some of these sites showed early promise and hung around for a little while, in the end, they couldn’t find their place in the market and eventually shut down for good. We pay respect to some now defunct DFS sites:

BallrWarDraftDaily Draft StarScoreStreak

If you want to be added to our lists or notice a site we have missed, please contact us at:

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