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Best Fantasy Hockey Pools

Pepole PDFS Month October 2, 2016

We start our fantasy hockey league list off with the two best sites in the world. If you are looking to join a daily hockey pool this year then you must have an account at these two DFS Sites and our best sponsors FanDuel and DraftKings.

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fanduel fantasy hockey

Fanduel has been around since early 2010 and quickly rose to the best daily fantasy sports site in the world. They have fantasy NHL games to play every day of the hockey season and currently have over 1 Million active users. They are perhaps the most trusted site in the world promising fairness for all players.

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DraftKings is home to our favorite NHL contest, the Fantasy Hockey World Championship. In 2016, this event was worth a whopping $500,000 in total prizes and 1st place took home $100K. You just won't find higher prize pools anywhere for fantasy hockey other then at

Other Top Fantasy Hockey Sites

Already have an account at the top two sites? The following batch of daily fantasy hockey sites are next in line offering solid hockey pool contests and excellent customer service. The bonus of playing at these sites is while they might not have the biggest prize pools the competition is much lesser compared to that of FanDuel and DraftKings. 

playdraft hockey
Daily Fantasy Snake Drafts
A very innovative DFS site that has Snake Draft only contests. Compete in H to H, 3 to 10 person drafts and even bracket style tournaments. If you love snake drafts and are tired of having to worry about salary cap space this is your site to play DFS hockey.
fantasy draft fantasy hockey
Where Players Come First
At Fantasy Draft, their priority is to take care of the player above and beyond. Their "Player First" fantasy hockey freerolls are the best in the biz and they have some big name athletes on board as partners, such as Doug Gilmour.

Best SiteFor Beginner Fantasy NHL Players

Our favorite site for fantasy hockey beginners is They have been around since 2014 and have grown every year. Newbie players can look forward to:

  • Low Contest Entry Fees, our favorite are the $1 single NHL contests
  • Rules in place to prevent stacking, you must select players from at least 3 teams
  • Beginner games only limiting who can play against you
  • You can draft any forward, not limited to selecting each postion
  • Only DFS site to have an actual former NHL star represent them - Doug Gilmour

If you join Fantasy Draft today they are offering a free contest ticket plus 10% RakeBack. Fantasy Draft Promo Code - REALMONEY - to get this offer.

Basic Fantasy Hockey Strategies

  • Start From The Goalie Out

    The most important position to get right when drafting your fantasy hockey teams is the goalie. It is so crucial to pick a goalie who not only gets the win but only allows 2 or less goals. If they post a shutout then that's a huge bonus for your team and should put you in a great spot to win money/

  • Spend Up For Your Forwards

    They key to a winning daily lineup is goals and most likely those are going to come from your forwards and not defensemen. So make sure you spend the most of your allotted salary cap on forwards who can put the biscuit in the net, go cheap on defense.

  • Consider Stacking Lines

    An often used strategy by top daily grinders is to stack a full forward line in any given hockey game. For instance, if you think Pittsburgh is going to have a big night, then take Crosby and his two wingers. They are bound to rack up goals and assists amongst themselves.

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